Bear Lake: Discovered by trappers in 1819. Discovered by us in 2012.


A client asked Justin to come to Bear Lake to photograph her family at the cabin where she’s come every summer of her life. He was happy to go, of course, and we decided to make a quick family trip out of it. We booked a little cabin at the KOA and off we went, without much expectation.

It turned out to be the perfect end-of-summer overnighter. After driving all the way to San Diego to play at the beach in July, I was thrilled to find that another pretty awesome beach is just three hours from my house. Who knew? We played at the north shore, in Idaho. Idaho, of all places, with this beautiful sandy beach and warm shallow water? I was amazed and beyond delighted.

To top it all off, we stayed in this darling little cabin at the KOA (and as luck would have it, we were right next to the bathrooms). This cabin was a perfect answer to my since-childhood obsession with anything small and cozy. It was really just a room with our own little roof, double bed and bunks, but it was so private and tiny, and had a porch swing. I actually clapped my hands in delight. The Bear Lake KOA also boasts free miniature golf which our boys loved, a playground, a swimming pool and bike rentals. Fun, fun, fun.

As an added bonus, Justin’s clients were the nicest people and we became fast friends. Turns out they own a skydiving business near Seattle. What a cool way to make a living. Ok, actually I think it’s terrifying. But really cool for them.

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