30 Strangers Film, Exhibit & Reception

I love this little film Kale Fitch  made about Justin’s 30 Strangers project. Justin’s worked on this project for five years now, and for the past four years of the project, he’s been photographing mothers and daughters and raising money for our local women’s shelter, The Center for Women and Children in Crisis.

And so, for years, he’s been coming home with beautiful stories about the women who come to be photographed  and how, often, in the middle of a session, the mother will look at her daughter and start to cry, brought to realize the significance of their relationship or her overwhelming love for her daughter through having that relationship documented in photographs. I have loved hearing these stories–they represent so much–and I’m so grateful to Kale for creating this film.

The exhibit featuring each of the 30 Strangers is now on display at the Harold B. Lee Library’s Auditorium Gallery at BYU and we’re having a reception (technically, the show opened in September, so we’re not calling it an opening reception) on Thursday, October 4 from 6-9. Please come! At 7 pm we’ll have short readings on motherhood by me, C. Jane Kendrick, Lisa Clark, and Kacy Faulconer, plus a little music by Cherie Call. I’m so excited about gathering these women, and really honored to be reading with them.

The beautiful Kelly McCaleb (that hair!) and her daughter appear in the announcement below.

30 Strangers exhibit and reception

Justin’s review:

What: 30 Strangers exhibit, Artist’s Reception
When: Thursday, October 4, 2012, 6-9pm (Readings and music at 7:00)
Where: BYU Lee Library, Auditorium Gallery, 1st Floor
Why: Support the arts, duh
How: Easy




  1. Trilby says:

    Yea! I found your lovely blog:) Looking forward to hearing your reading at Justin’s reception. I am a fan of your writing and a fan of YOU! Warmest regards.

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