ABC News Calls Up the Hackworths

We kicked off a marvelous 4th of July by showing up to prime parade real estate right when the parade started, thanks to Heather’s sister’s family who had camped out all night long and generously shared their space with us.

I picked up a plastic flag and noticed it said, “Made in China.” I pointed out that irony to Justin, who took a picture on his phone and tweeted about it. A friend of his retweeted it and by the end of the parade he had an email from ABC asking if they could use the photo on World News Tonight. A few minutes later he got an email asking if he had time for a phone interview. After that, they were asking if we had any other photos from the parade. They asked the right guy. So Justin had a little chat with ABC news, and you can hear him and see more photos at the link below. Our favorite part is when David Muir says, “So we called up the Hackworths.” Just wait. It will be your favorite part, too.

See the video here: Made in America: Where Are Our Flags Produced? | Video – ABC News.

In the hours between the parade and our debut on the national news, we had a fantastic day, spending some great time at the lake with some of our favorite people on earth. Highlights included kayaking, and seeing our once water-shy boys splash unabashedly. Plus there was the sun, sand, and some delicious potato salad.



  1. Lisa says:

    One of my favorite moments of the summer. :)

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