Oh, Friends

This morning my dear friends Beth and Kerri came to help me work on a project at my house. We get together once a week (more or less) and help each other with pretty much any project. We cleverly refer to it as Project Group, and we provide physical labor and emotional support. We’ve done everything from tearing down backyard fences to painting bedrooms and bathrooms, to weeding flower beds and gardens, to cleaning out basements, sorting recipes, or just catching up on vacuuming and dishes.

Sometimes projects are more emotionally daunting than physically demanding, and it’s incredibly helpful to have two extra hearts stand by to steel your own. Sometimes projects are plain old hard work, and having four extra hands and a good conversation makes everything go faster. It’s genius, and you should totally start your own Project Group.

This morning, emotional help is what I needed most and after a few minutes of me saying, “Oh, and there’s this other thing that’s stressing me out,” and “Oh, I just don’t know what to do about this,” and “Oh, I’m really bummed about this, too,” Beth sat me down in a chair, grabbed some essential oil, and rubbed my feet.

She and Kerri listened, encouraged faith, reminded me I have some, and left me feeling a thousand times better than when they came. And not just because the top of my fridge had just been cleaned and my dishes done.

Tonight, I had such a good time and a good talk with sweet Meg, whose perspective on life and surety of self (plus her awesome skirt), further restored my focus. Our conversation, just by being interesting, wiped away the grime from my perspective like a good deep breath.

Oh, friends. Thank you.


  1. Sally DeFord says:

    This interaction between you and your friends is so sweet. It makes me long to have good friends around for things just like this. Friends make everything better.

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