Quite a Perfect Afternoon

My six-year-old and I looked at Blexbolex’s Seasons this afternoon, as I lay on the couch and he sat above me on the back of the couch. He rejected my invitation to snuggle in favor of “perching,” a new favorite activity. Our sliding glass door was open. Fresh autumn air wafted in. Did it really waft? Yes, I think it did.

Each page of the book has a single word and a really interesting illustration. The book cycles through spring, summer, winter and fall several times, highlighting–in so many of clever ways–the changes that seasons bring to life. It’s incredibly well done. For almost half of the book, M sounded out the words and I turned the pages. When he got tired of that, I read the words and turned the pages, and toward the end of the book, my eyes got heavy, and he ran off to play outside and I drifted off to a glorious afternoon nap.

When I woke up, the front door was open, too. I smelled autumn, and thought of the grapes ripening on our backyard vines. Some mornings now, from our porch, I can smell them, exactly like grape popsicles. Our boys were playing in the yard and I heard them laughing. How sweet to wake up to the sound of their laughter.


In other news…I couldn’t find Justin anywhere when I woke up, but I finally discovered him napping behind the couch, in a little hideout our boys slept in last night. So cute.

And yesterday, we FINALLY removed this 50-year-old blue toilet from our hallway bathroom! RIP, blue toilet.


  1. Loni says:

    Oh my goodness, what a FUN post. I absolutely love the picture of Justin on the floor behind the couch. That is a keeper.

    BTW, I really like your book reviews of picture books. This one looks delightful. You do something that I always tried to point out to my students also. And, that is to slow down and look – really look- at the illustrations…they are always so delightful.

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