Thinking of Newtown

Like you, I’m shocked and saddened by Friday’s news. Heartsick, crying, and praying for the children, parents, teachers, and others whose hearts are broken.

My column on Design Mom runs on Mondays, and I knew I couldn’t write about what I’d originally planned. It seemed wrong to write about anything but Sandy Hook, and yet, when I tried to write about it, I felt totally inadequate. I looked at advice from experts about what to say to our children, but I am no expert, and my words fell short until I hit upon an idea I felt sure of.

When it came time to talk to our boys, I was thankful for the advice I’d read to keep it brief and honest. I cried a little, but I was mostly composed. I kept the conversation direct and brief. As expected, our older son had more questions that our younger son, and I answered his questions in private.

I wish they didn’t have to know. I wonder what they’ll think and say in the coming days.

It’s so, so sad.


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