Busy in Brooklyn

Justin and I are in Brooklyn for part of this week, staying in a friend’s apartment while she’s away. We’re in Park Slope and loving the tree-lined streets and brownstones, the cool restaurants and friendly people, and this cool little apartment we’re staying in, with its sweet little garden out back.

Also, I met this really nice mariachi player on the way to the Brooklyn Flea.

I haven’t written much here lately, but I’ve been busy over at Design Mom. This week’s column is about a piece of art that I love more every time I think about it, and the stories we share as families. Last week I wrote a little about aging, and how my perception of what it means to be old is changing. One of my favorite things about writing for Design Mom is the great community Gabby has created, and I love that her readers share their thoughts. The comments about aging were interesting and validating, and as they so often do, taught me a few new ideas.

Another of my recent favorites was sharing my friend Cristin’s “Summer of Service,” her brilliant plan to help her kids learn that service can be a simple and regular part of our lives. So inspiring.

Here in Brooklyn, our friends (that we don’t actually know all that well, but enjoy so much just the same) Mara and Danny, introduced us to great Thai food and gorgeous views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the city. Connecting with friends when we’re traveling makes the trip so much sweeter.





  1. Jealous. That’s all. Just jealous.

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