Justin Hackworth’s Photography Workshop

I’m excited to tell you about Justin’s upcoming workshop for beginning photographers. Space is limited, so I hope you get to go. It’ll be a whole day of great information that will totally change how you’re using your DSLR, and all those diagrams in your manual will finally make perfect sense!

If you’ve never spent a day with Justin, you’re in for a treat. If you have spent a day with Justin, you know you’re in for something great. He’s such a fun and passionate teacher and you’ll leave the workshop a more confident, more knowledgeable photographer because you’ll have plenty of time to learn, practice and ask every question you’ve got.

Here’s a bit from the workshop description:

This workshop is for beginners who’ll learn how to use their DSLR cameras in a fun, helpful, and hands-on atmosphere with an enthusiastic teacher to dispel all the mystery surrounding those knobs and dials. Through class instruction and hands-on photo shoots, photographers will begin to understand how to use their camera as a creative tool. We’ll cover aperture, shutter speed, ISO, lenses, white balance and other tools to help you create beautiful photographs.

The entire day of instruction is $225, but there’s a special price just for you. Tell him Vinny sent you. Just kidding. Tell him I sent you. But seriously, there is a special price.

Email Justin directly at justin@justinhackworth.com to sign up!


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