New Year’s Resolutions

I love lists—the declaring of intentions, pencil to paper, and the triumphant crossing off of completed tasks. I’ve been known to write something I’ve already finished on my to-do list, just for the satisfaction of drawing a line through it. You’ve done it, too…right?

And I love beginnings—the fresh start of a new project, the first of every month, and that clean slate anything-is-possible feeling.

I don’t always make New Year’s Resolutions but this year, over the holidays, I really felt the pull. Despite dismal statistics about the percentage of people who keep their New Year’s Resolutions, and my own limited success with previous resolutions, I just can’t help myself. The temptation to create a pretty list all about a bright new year is just too much.

Maybe this is the year I’ll be on time more often, plan (and cook!) regular great meals, finish that novel, or carve out more time for creativity. Dreaming about it feels so good, and maybe I won’t have perfected any of it by December 31, 2013, but I sure like the idea of trying.

Image by Viktor Hertz


  1. Sally DeFord says:

    I am also feeling a renewed interest in some goal making this year, but for some reason have put it off until after the baby comes. I want to be a person that improves myself and my goals don’t need to be yearly, or many, but I want to be better. Hopefully I can carve out some things that make me a better person or at least a happier person. Last year I felt like I needed more time in nature and I feel the same this year. I think its a byproduct of working a little too much. I’m enjoying your blog.

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